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Before we start taking you around our fantastic musical instruments that we have to offer, first let us tell you all about how our company came about. Our family, the Linnas, have been into guitars pretty much since the beginning of time. Within our house, a day never passes without one of us picking one up and cracking a few riffs out to some of the best known artists around. Although we grew up in Finland, just a short 40-minute drive from Helsinki, our love for guitars was never quite matched in our homeland as we’d have liked it to be. Therefore, we decided to take the plunge and move to Louisiana, USA to start up our business of selling Jeppson Guitars.

Now, for anyone looking to move across to the States from Europe, we have a few things that you should consider. First of all, although the idea of packing up all your stuff and going out into the great unknown sounds invigorating, exciting and a whole host of other descriptions, a quick word of warning – it’s not easy! Many of us were completely settled in our little town in Finland, with good jobs and a great group of friends. There were many considerations to take before making the plunge, and you need to be absolutely certain that it’s the right path for you all.

Coming from a family of 5 made the choice particularly difficult. Although we’re all grown up now (the youngest being born in 1990), it took a long time for all of us to come to the same conclusion that America was the choice for us. The heads of the family, Mr and Mrs Linna, had been craving a new challenge for a while now, and used their love of guitars to pursue a potential new career. However, the younger generation of Linnas weren’t as easily convinced.

The oldest of the 3 siblings had a successful job in our country’s capital, the next had a deep interest in online gambling, having worked at for many years, and was concerned about the US’s cautious stance regarding its legality, while the youngest had only recently finished university and wasn’t sure whether opening a guitar shop was the correct move after 3 years of studying.

We’d like to stress that Mr and Mrs Linna never forced their children into moving their lives across the pond, with the opportunity to stay at the family’s house indefinitely always on the table. However, due to the avid interest in guitars that we all share, combined with the chance to experience the granddaddy of them all in all its glory, the Linna family as a whole made the decision to move to Louisiana and found Jeppson Guitars!

While we’ve only been around for a short period, the support we’ve had both from Finland and the local Louisiana residents has been superb. We’ve felt welcome from the get go, which we’re extremely grateful for, and this has transcended into our business. All our customers receive absolute attention from all 5 of the Linna family members, and our huge depth of guitar knowledge has helped many pick out a new instrument for themselves and/or family and friends.

So don’t be shy Louisiana, come down to Jeppson Guitars and say hello!


As a family who share a deep love for guitars, we have plenty on offer to our customers and can offer you sound advice depending on your needs. We offer classic electric guitars, bass guitars and the chance for you to custom build your own handwound pickup! This last point is particularly interesting to the guitar lovers of us all, so we’ve dedicated a specific tab to it so you can design your very own pickup to meet your needs. For this tab though, we’ll focus on the different kinds of electric and bass guitars that we offer, so read on to find out exactly which musical instrument tickles your fancy.