Bass Guitars

Playing bass guitar isn’t nearly as cool as playing electric guitar but if you have chubby fingers it might be a better instrument for you.

Bass player on stage

Bass Guitar Models

Epiphone Tobias Deluxe V Toby Bass Guitar

Onto the bass guitars now and we’ve got a quality Epiphone Tobias Deluxe V Toby Bass Guitar to start you off. This 5-string bass is an upgrade if you will to its 4-string sibling, with crisp sound and a comfortable design making it a standout performer. The deep tones you will strike on this beauty will reverberate wherever you are, with the “Toby” more than justifying its inclusion within the Epiphone arsenal.

Rickenbacker 4003S Bass Guitar

The Rickenbacker 4003S Bass Guitar is inspired by the 4001S models that were revered by such artists as Paul McCartney and Chris Squire. However, this updated 4003S model that we have in stock here at Jeppson Guitars is much more polished and wearable due to a few minor tweaks that have been implemented.

Featuring a through body maple neck with an improved dual trussrod system, a solid maple body with a 20 fret rosewood fingerboard and Schaller Deluxe machine heads, this Rickenbacker 4003S is a highly sought after bit of kit.

Vintage V4 Bass Guitar

Finally, the Vintage V4 has a split coil pickup structure, powered by Alnico V magnets for supreme low end tone, and is a fantastic start for any bassist. With a smooth style and finish added to the outer body, you can do much worse than this capable bass guitar when you’re in the market.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, as we have plenty other makes and models in store at Jeppson Guitars. Come pay us a visit so we can talk you through what we have on offer to suit your unique style and genre.