Custom Handwound Pickups

Custom pickups are pretty cool because they are supa custom.

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The custom pickups you will find at Jeppson Guitars are all 100% handwound. We ensure during the whole winding process that the speed only reaches a maximum of 44 AWG and a minimum of 41 AWgG. It is done at this slow speed to create the desired amount of tension needed for each design, with the copper wire being warmed ever so slightly as this is done. With this in mind, you can guarantee absolute quality from your custom handwound pickups from Jeppson Guitars. Let us take you through the process that we follow to create these classics, and come down to our store to find out even more!

Jeppson Guitars’ Custom Handwound Pickups

Unlike machine wound pickups, handwound alternatives can have a richer harmony. The very thin coil wires overlap as they build up to the required size, a process that certainly takes time to complete! As machine wound pickups are often pre-tensioned, Jeppson Guitars’ pickups come with a lower capacitance and a higher resonant peak to give a more dynamic tone.

Custom Pickup Magnets

The magnets that are used in the manufacturing process follow very specific guidelines. For starters, we won’t just shovel together the easiest combination we can find, instead deciding to weigh up the many options before choosing. To ensure that Jeppson Guitars’ custom handwound pickups are the very best, we pay attention to every little detail.

Custom Pickup Parts

Likewise to the magnets, the parts we use to create our custom handwound pickups are as original as possible, with no stone left unturned. However, when we do use generic parts to fit our builds, we take the time to research the most appropriate manufacturer so that there is no loss of quality.

Even More Custom Handwound Pickup Information

If you require any more information about our custom handwound pickup manufacture process, please don’t hesitate to come down to Jeppson Guitars so we can give you a more thorough overview. If you decide there and then that a custom handwound pickup is what you require, our family of dedicated musicians will be delighted to walk you through your options – no matter whether you’re a seasoned expert or a complete newbie!

Ordering Your Custom Handwound Pickup from Jeppson Guitars

To order your very own custom handwound pickup from Jeppson Guitars, head on down to our store so we can talk you through your options. We’ll help you to decide whether a custom handwound pickup is exactly what you need, and, if it is, then we’ll let you fine tune the details so that you get a product that is totally customised to your preferences.

We can even show you exactly the sort of designs that we’ve created for our other customers in the past, detailing every aspect of the entire build. If you want to know how satisfied they were with the final product, just visit out testimonials page where you will find plenty of reviews from previous customers. At Jeppson Guitars, we strive to bring you the best custom handwound pickup possible!